On Site Battery Repair and Service
Our service vans have a large parts inventory
to complete most jobs on the first visit

Battery Repair Field Service

  • Battery repairs on all makes and brands of industrial batteries and chargers.
  • Highly skilled and factory trained technicians.
  • Service vans have a large parts inventory to complete most jobs first visit.
  • Quick response to minimize downtime.
  • Battery cell replacements at your location to prevent unnecessary rentals and freight.

In-Shop Battery Repair

  • Modern shop equipped with the latest in computerized battery charging and battery discharging test equipment.
  • Battery rebuilding/reconditioning for extended life; saving you money.
  • Battery cleaning/neutralizing to remove corrosion for improved performance and appearance.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

  • Comprehensive tests performed on battery and charger fleets.
  • Programs can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual depending on usage.

Battery Checks:

  • Check and record cell voltage and specific gravity readings to identify any bad or weak cells.
  • Check electrolyte levels and identify any bad watering practices and add water as necessary.
  • Clean batteries with acid neutralizing spray wash and touch up paint on the steel case.
  • Visual inspection - check cables, connector, contact tips, cell terminals, and covers for damage.

Charger Checks:

  • Check that all settings match the incoming AC line voltage.
  • Check all AC and DC fuses.
  • Check for proper starting DC output and AC amp draw.
  • Visual inspection – check cabinet, cables, connector and contact tips for damage.

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